Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Flags from the Terminator - 1984

In 1984 a movie from the dream space of James Cameroon came to light - The Terminator 1984 starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.  A cybernetic organism dominated by a machine mind attempts to assassinate the ancestor of human resistance - John Connor.  It is this unborn man in 1984 who eventually undermines the machine directive to enslave and or exterminate the human species.  

Several flags appear in the film.  The first vexilloid is a common city street banner.  It has pink pile extending from the hoist making a swallow tail pattern along the fly. It is impossible to see what is written on the flag but it most likely deals with a city festival announcement or advertisement for a product or service.

The flag of Los Angeles also appears in the film during the police precinct scene.  The city flag of Los Angeles is divided into three sections of red, yellow, and green with the city seal in the center.

Of course, the flag of the United States is also visible when Sarah is taken into police custody.  The finial of the US flag clearly visible.

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