Sunday, October 20, 2013

Vexilloids and Flags from the Munsters Television Show

In the heart of the mid-60s America was given a trick or treat with a surreal Halloween like family - The Munsters.  The was a mish mash Frankenstein Situation Comedy that combined the drama, humor, and horror. 

It was a surreal humorous take on the father knows best sit-coms, but in this case father was a reanimated zombie married to a family of vampires from Transylvania. 

Essentialy absurd and cartoonish, yet very serious and lighthearted.  It followed the standard pack of family situation comedies but it had something special. 

Here Lilly Munster is dressed as Little Bo Peep with a Shepard's cane.


Behind the shadow of Spot the Dragon is a family coat of arms - assuming they belong to the Munsters.

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