Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Aircraft Insignia of Baron Boris von Frankenstein & Vampire Lady Bug Emblem from Mad Monster Party!

The leader of the world's monsters - Baron Boris von Frankenstein -  has a personal air force whose aircraft markings feature a human skull with one eye larges than the other.  Note that Baron Boris may be a man or machine, or part man-machine?  Who knows, we will just have to wait for Mad Monster Part II!! Rumor has it that Jason, Freddy, and the Gremlins will be in it?

The original funky bone jam band from the sixties makes an appearance in Mad Monster Party? The emblem of the band is a vampire lady bug with fangs - Little Tibia and the Fibias.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Shipping flag from Mad Monster Party? 1967

 Mad Monster Party? 1967 is a Halloween Classic that features a cavalcade of American Octoberfest Monsters.  With the magic of modern storytelling - it is the rare and hard to find form of art - animated sculpture art.

The monsters have gathered upon one of the few shipping lines - Caribbean Cruises - to sail by a mysterious island, that is home to a mad evil scientist.  During their boat trip the flag of the ship's carrier makes a fleeting cameo on the stern - back end of the ship. 
The flag of the Herring features a red anchor upon a black circle in a white background.  Within the lower half of the circle are blue waves.

Mad Monster Party? 1967 was created naturally unassisted with computers.  This gives it a unique charm that is impossible to appreciate in modern computer assisted kinesthetic-still animation sculpture. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Vexilloids and Flags from the Munsters Television Show

In the heart of the mid-60s America was given a trick or treat with a surreal Halloween like family - The Munsters.  The was a mish mash Frankenstein Situation Comedy that combined the drama, humor, and horror. 

It was a surreal humorous take on the father knows best sit-coms, but in this case father was a reanimated zombie married to a family of vampires from Transylvania. 

Essentialy absurd and cartoonish, yet very serious and lighthearted.  It followed the standard pack of family situation comedies but it had something special. 

Here Lilly Munster is dressed as Little Bo Peep with a Shepard's cane.


Behind the shadow of Spot the Dragon is a family coat of arms - assuming they belong to the Munsters.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013