Sunday, September 22, 2013

Old Gloria #241 - The Garbage Pail Flag Kid

Treading in the shadows of the lovable Cabbage Patch Dolls are the Garbage Pail Kids.  During the 1980s these macabre collector's cards ran across the imagination of young children.  Many of the themes were horrors and beyond grosser than gross. 

Of vexillological note are the cards that feature the US flag.  Perhaps the most vexillologically vexing Garbage Pail Kid was Old Gloria #241a.  Old Gloria or Jose Can You See #241b, features a garbage pail kid as the American Flag.  The card features a Cabbage Patch Like Kid holding on to a Flag Pole with a golden eagle finial and being blown in the wind.

The US flag appeared earlier in the 5th series card in the background of Ruptured Rupert #199a or Gassy Gus #199b.    This card features a Macy's Day Parade Garbage Pail Kid  Balloon that has burst open in the back of the head and is loosing helium.  In the background is a US flag with reversed red and white stripes.

Additionally during the series the US flag appears in the background of Mark Spark #238a or Cherry Bomb #238b.  This card features the dangers of playing with fireworks.  The theme of the card is set to celebratory atmosphere of the 4th of July.

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