Friday, September 27, 2013

Flag for the Tropic of Cancer

This flag uses the symbolism of Cancer with a line.  Flown at the tropic of Cancer, only a few nations can fly this flag on their portion of the Tropic of Cancer.  Thus Western Sahara, Mauritania, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, India, Bangladesh, Burma, China, Mexico and the Bahamas can fly this flag on land, but any ship at sea when crossing the 23rd parallel north can fly it as well.   

The basic pattern for the Tropic of Cancer Flag is a checker pattern.  The checker field is composed of two areas - a light blue static pattern and a multicoloured tropical pattern.  The multicoloured of the checker half is composed of pink, yellow, orange, and lime green squares.  The orange squares are cut in a half by a pink downward diagonal with three black symbols for the sign Cancer, which represent the three continents it passes through: Asia, Africa, and North America.

The blue checkers represent the crystal blue waters of the tropics, while the bright colours represent the delicate colours of corals and fishes that inhabit this region of earth.


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