Friday, September 27, 2013

Flag for the Temperate Circle of Lynx

This flag is to be flown at 45 Degrees North, in between the North Pole and Equator.  Its name takes elements of its more famous longitudinal cousins the Arctic Circle and Tropic of Cancer.  The constellation Lynx was chosen because it lies at a mostly temperate parallel to the latitudes of Earth.

 Essentially the 45th Parallel North's more formal or enchanting name is the Temperate Circle of Lynx.  Along the fly field is checker stripe within a square that represents a 45 degree angle, which reflects the fact that its the 45th Parallel.  45 degrees is a kind of magical mathematical angle, in this case whether north or south the 45th parallel has similar climates.

The Temperate Circle of Lynx passes through the United States and Canada passing through: Nova Scotia, Maine, New Hampshire, Ontario, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, and finally Oregon. In the Larger Land Hemisphere it crosses: Japan, China, Russia, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Italy and France. It is at this latitude where the four seasons can be noticed in earnest.   

Four colours compose the Temperate Circle of Lynx Flag - red, green, white, and yellow that represent the four seasons.  White represents winter, yellow represents fall, green represents summer and red represents spring. 

Often it is a variety of species get a temporary white winter coat during the winter, and loose it with the spring thaw in April.

Hokkaido Squirrel Photo Credit:

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