Friday, September 27, 2013

Flag for the opposite side of the Prime Meridian - 180th Merdian, Antimeridian, Omega Meridian, and International Date Line

Flag of opposite of the prime meridian or 'omega' meridian is based upon the flag of the prime meridian but the colours orange and blue are switched.  It is also the international date line when these lines are in sync.  Basically its the flag of the international date line when the international dateline is in tune with the prime meridian, but the design of the international date line varies. 

When the international dateline shifts east, it means that the day is starting earlier thus is has a blue shift like a blue shifted galaxy.  But when the international dateline shifts west, it means means that the day is ending later thus it has red shift like a red shift galaxy.

There is a natural 48 hour daily cosmic cycle on earth, but due to political tinkering and making business harmonious we have more than 48 hours time zones, as of now there are officially 50 hours in a day. Maybe some day they will add more?  Thus if you want your business to be a leader, you may want to register your shipping fleet in Kiribati or open an office there so you can get a two hour head start?

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  1. Dear Maddish,

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