Tuesday, September 10, 2013

1980's Maxell Flag in Pretty in Pink - 1986

A delightful flag appears in the classic teenage dramatic work of art - Pretty in Pink - a Maxell Rainbow flag.  As 8 Track was to the 1970s, cassette tapes were the recording device of the 1980s.

Okay, so this movie is like totally awesome, beyond tubular and just so rockin! Put in a super jedi-like point of view.  Pretty in Pink  is like that Star Warriors, you know 16 special candles!

And then like Empire Strikes Back is so so much like you know, the Saturday club for breakfast!

Finally like when the Blondie boy "Jedi" gets his revenge, it's totally like Little Miss Pretty Pink!  I mean like Jedi, is like, Pretty in Pink...for the other half One day I'll chill with you peoples and show what it's all about.

Don't have a cow if you don't get it, it's no problem! Molly is like but so much better and more realistically like a Jedi-knight for - Girl Power in the 80s! Molly Rocks!!!!!!


  1. Cool flag. Can't find it anywhere the net. Does it say the full spectrum of intelligence in technology?

    1. You are correct with its saying, but I'll assume Maxell has stopped making those flags, as it was most likely a part of marketing campaign, and they change so often. I'd try Ebay?