Friday, August 9, 2013

ICV 25 Speakers - Day 5

#29: Theun Okkerse
Points of View: Aspects of Flags and Flag Design

#30: Buxin Han
Colour on National Flags: Geography & Psychology

#31: Marcus Schmoger
Orange as a Political Colour

#32: Ladislav Hnat
The National Flag of Lusatian Sorbs

#33: Pascal Vagnat
Regional flags in France: History, Use, Legality and Identities 

#34: Andrea Nunes & Tiago Jose Berg
Flags of the Touristic Cities in Sao Paulo State (Brazil)

#35: Zeljko Heimer
Ceremonial Flags of the Croatian Units of Local Government:  A New Phenomenon Emerging from the People? 

#36: Jorg Majewski
North Rhine-Westphalia and its Local Symbols in the Mirror of its History

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