Monday, August 5, 2013

ICV 25 Speakers - Day 1

#1: John Cartledge of the UK 
Flags and Emblems of the British Republic 1649-1660

The second speaker at the 25th International Congress of Vexillology was John Cartledge of the UK Flag Institute.  Cartledge informed us that James I restricted use of flags for the Navy of certain orders.  The badge of Commonwealth was shown, which was used during the first 'Kingless-Queenless' period when British Congress (Parliament) executed the King more than 100 years before the colonial rebellion of 1776 in the Americas.  The UK Commonwealth flag had an English flag on the hoist and the field was blue with a yellow harp as its badge. 

#2: Art Ness Proano Gaibor
Hidden History behind the Colorants of Banners 

Art Proano is research analyst from the Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency.  Proano is a well spoken researcher on fabrics and analysis of dyes.   He pointed out that restoration techniques to antique flags are often more harmful than beneficial.

Link to Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency

Art Ness Proano Gaibor's Youtube Site

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#3: Ralph Kelly 
Colonial Signal Flags of Port Jackson

Ralph Kelly from Australia gave an insightful presentation signal flag evolution at Port Jackson, Australia.  Port Jackson is a part of Sydney waterway.  Ralph asserts that Nicholson's chart was foundational to vexillology.  As communication was lacking in the colonial period, flags were used as signals for the community to detail the composition of ships in Port Jackson.  Kelly showed that evolution of the code signals, eventually it was used to indicate weather as well.  An important place was Ft. Philip as a key signal station. 

#4: Dominique Cureau
House Flags of French Shipping Companies

Cureau gave his entire presentation in French.  Cureau also gave a brief review of international flags.  

#5: Geoff Parsons
British Maritime Flags: Naval Flags Flown in Portsmouth Naval Base

Parsons discussed Portsmouth, which is where much of the UK Navy is serviced.  Parsons presented an overview of British flags discussing the red, white, and blue types of ensigns.  He also noted that the Royal Yacht Squadron can fly the white ensign.  He also showed great red flag of the HMS Warrior 1860 Red Ensign. Another flag of interest was the "UK Out of Order" flag which has red and white vertical stripes.

#6: Annie Platoff
A Shuttle Full of Flags: Use of Flags in the Space Shuttle Program 
 Platoff noted that US flags were put on hardware as well as uniforms.  Flags are to be put on the left sleeve and backpack.  Annie also reviewed the mission patches of US spaceflight.   She noted that NASA often flew mini flags and mounted flags on certificatetes. 

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