Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Continental Congress Heritage Capital Flag for Tenton, New Jersey - the Seventh Captial of the United States

The colours of Trenton's Federal Heritage City Flag of the United States of America uses the colours buff and blue, which is based upon the colour preference of George Washington. The design is based upon the official flag of Washington DC.

For nearly two months in the Autumn of 1784 from November 1 unto December 24th the leaders of America used New Jersey's state capital as the federal capital at the French Arm's Tavern.

Score for states of cities hosting the US capital by city:
First Place: Pennsylvania = Philadelphia, York, Lancaster
Second Place: Maryland = Annapolis, Baltimore*
Third Place: New Jersey = Trenton, Princeton
Fourth Place: New York = New York City/Manhattan 
Fifth Place: Virginia = Alexandria

*Maryland beats out New Jersey since the she gets a point since the Federal City was taken from her land claim. 

Photo Credit: 26 August 2009, Famartin, Downtown Trenton, New Jersey as viewed from Morrisville, Pennsylvania

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