Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Continental Congress Flag for the Third Capital City of the United States - Lancaster, PA

Most people know that Philadelphia was the original capital of the fledgeling United States of America, but did you know that three other cities in Pennsylvania were also host to the Revolutionary Continental Congress?

You may have also heard of president for a day, but did you ever hear of capital for a day? 

For one day Lancaster, Pennsylvania became the Capital of the United States of America on September 27, 1777.  Thus Lancaster deserves a 'Capital City Heritage Flag' since it was the third city be the US Capital.  The flag is based upon the design of the now legal capital city flag of Washington DC, but the colours are reversed.  The colour red conserves the red colour for the House of Lancaster in England, whose great rival was the House of York during the War of the Roses.  Coincidentally the fourth capital of the United States of America was in fact York, Pennsylvania.

photo credit:Randolph Carney, 15 August 2009

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