Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Continental Congress Flag for the Sixth Captial City of the United States - Annapolis, Maryland

On November 26, 1783 Annapolis Maryland became the sixth capital of the United States until August 17, 1784.

Here is an Honorable Capital City Heritage Flag to commemorate Annapolis' function as the federal city of the United States. The design is based upon the flag of Washington DC.  The colours are reflective of the patriotic American colours of Red, White, and Blue.  Blue also symbolizes the connection to the water that Annapolis holds as the seat of the US Navy's Naval Academy.

Coincidentally the colours blue and red reflect the flag essence of the Annapolis' coat of arms which has an English Rose and Scottish Thistle.  The colour red and white reflecting the flag of England, while blue and white honors the flag of Scotland.

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