Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Continental Congress flag for the Fifth Capital City of the United States - Princeton, New Jersey

 Many know that Pennsylvania was the original capital of the United States, but few may recall that Maryland and New York were also temporary capitals.  However only a special minority can remember that New Jersey hosted the Capital of the US.

The fifth city to host the capital of the United States was Princeton, New Jersey. When Princeton was the capital it was also the first to breathe free and in peace as an independent nation.  In the summer of 1783 from June 30, 1783 until November 4, 1783 - New Jersey was the capital of the United States of America at Nassau Hall.

The Capital City Heritage Flag of Princeton is based upon the modern flag of Washington, D.C. but uses the school colours of Princeton University.

It was from this 'CAPITAL' that the UK made peace with the United States of America and recognize her independence. 

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