Thursday, August 8, 2013

ICV 25 Speakers - Day 4

#15: Edwin Crump
Dreaming in Arcadia: Vexillological Relationships on Lord Howe Island

#16: Michel Lupant
Flags over Bermuda

Lupant noted that Bermuda has 9 Parishes and 2 municipalities and showed us the city hall flag of Hamilton. 

#17: Alain Raullet
Ireland: 1 Island, 2 Flag Trends

 Raullet showed us a wonderful expose on his travels through Ireland and the various flags he noticed.

#18: Klaus-Michael Schneider 
Military Colours of Hamburg: Flags of the Armed Citizens from 1684 to 1817

Schneider reminded us that flags of this type have four adornments: dates, arms, patron saint, and coat of arms.

#19: Ales Brozek
The History of the Flag of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia 

Brozek showed us the bohemian white lion and states that blue stands for the Slovak people.  We also so a rejected flag that was similar to Texas's design. 

#20: Patrice de La Condamine
The Migration of the Emblems through the Example of the Cross of Burgundy

Patrice presented in French with a translation.  We saw flags for the Duchy of Burgundy.  The historical flags for Spain from 1506 to 1701 were displayed.

#21: Ralph Bartlett
The Right Angle Tricolour

Bartlett discussed the various uses of the French horizontal tricolour.  He noted that with the death of Nelson a short lived blue, red, white tricolour was used. 

#22: Roberto Breschi
Little Known Flags of the State of Lucca

"Lucca" is on the west coast of Italy.  This flag was detailed in its simple yet unique design. 

#23: Hugh Brady
Utility of Futility?: Revisiting Smith's Vexilological Classification System 

Brady gave a thoughtful analysis and test questions is a new flag classification system can arise.  If it does it should help people identify flags.  Hugh also mentioned that vexillology is an auxiliary science of history, or social science by its writing. 

#24: Christopher Maddish
The Fraternal Flag Partners of Europe Major: A Meta-vexillological Classification & Study of Flags

Flag of Europe were presented in pairs that had similar designs.  According to this design were ranked against each other according to their similarity.

#25: Roman Klimes
The Cedar Tree - The Symbol of a Country

Klims talked about the flags of the Arab revolt from 1917. 

#26: Zev Landes
Presentational Flagging and Political Change in the Middle East 

Landes noted that social media has a new culture and effecting the way flags are used.

#27: Jaroslav Martykan
Flags in Somalia - Somalia in Flags

#28: Agiri Chris
National Flag as a Tool for Patriotic Awakening: The Nigerian Experience

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