Sunday, July 21, 2013

Flags in Oh, God! - 1977

 Oh, God! 1977 stars George Burns and John Denver in a cinematic classic that combines humor with a deep philosophical and religious undertow.  George Burns plays as God while John Denver is a humble assistant store manager.  This non-traditional non-denominational take upon God plays well with modern new age notions of what God, is in the afterglow of the 1960s cultural revolution.  Note this is John Denver's only major motion picture in Hollywood.  After this 'Glorious' diddy on a modern  God, John went back to singing.

The state flag of California appears in this movie during the court scene.  It is on the 'left arm' side of the California judge.

A theology flag appears when John meets a room of established religious big wigs.  It has a blue field and golden image, that is unable to be determined.

On the right side of the judge the US Flag appears in front of the witness stand.  Here God reluctantly preforms a miracle in front of the judge and witnesses to illustrate his divine power.

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