Friday, July 19, 2013

Flag for UK Heir apparent - grandson of the Prince of Wales

A flag proposed future apparent King of the UK? How odd indeed.  Since science has extended the length of a lifetime, Queen Elizabeth is now a great grandmother of four generations.  The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, has a flag and his son William has a flag as the Earl of Strathearn, thus the soon to be born 'Prince, Prince, Prince of Wales' or 'Prince of Wales Cubed' ought to have a good flag.

Here is my fair proposal.  As any good flag conserves the original Royal Pattern, the red stripe in the middle of the 'garter' denotes that he is the grandson of the Prince of Wales.

It is very possible that Queen Elizabeth will live past 100 years, like her mother who lived unto the ripe old age of 102.

This makes the possibility of having a Prince of Wales to the 4th power possible since Queen Elizabeth will turn 100 in the year 2026.

A good name for the wee Prince shouda' be Kenneth or Malcolm. Its bout time a Scottish name be in the Royal Registry? Tis good chances the lad'll be King in the year 2088. Hows a King Malcom I of Great Britain and Northern Ireland sound?


  1. Since, as so often, there is no link or other information given, I can not figure out what you are referring to. However, there is nothing odd about the son of the Duke of Cambridge having a personal standard (flag), since he will certainly be granted arms if, as, and when. (If normal custom is followed, he would be "HRH the Earl of Strathearn")
    And the Prince of Wales is still "heir apparent".

  2. Or he could just use the Royal Standard with a seven-point label.

    1. I had trouble uploading my flag unto to nets-o-fun. I was happy to hear that it was a boy! A proverbial "Prince of Wales Cubed."