Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Colorado and US Flag from the Shining 1980

 In 1980 The Shining broke new barriers of fear under the talents of Jack Nicholson and Stanley Kubrick. 

A small family is chosen to watch over a hotel all alone during a six month winter recess.  Remote, isolated and a bit a ways from society the echo of yesterdays bad vibes play upon the mercy of their imaginations.

The Colorado flag is best visible when Danny is playing darts in the game room.  The US flag is also visible during the interview, on the hotel managers desk.  The US flag is also visible in the grand entrance hall where Jack does most of his writing. 

This film has a strange element of synchronicity because the Jack Nicholson plays as Jack the cabin-fever dad, and Danny Lloyd plays as Danny as boy with the gift of telepathy. 

Note that Stanley Kubrick is the complete polar opposite of modern films that use visual charms and edits to keep the viewer engaged.  The long uncut edits force the actors to give nearly theater like performances and force the audience to pay attention and use their brain, unlike a Michael Bay film whose edits per second are like a coma inducing strobe light. 

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