Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie for Theaters Film 2007

 Flags and several vexlloids appear in the Aqua Teen Hunger Froce Colon Movie for Theaters Film 2007.

When the Aqua Teen Hunger Force is saved by Lincoln they end up playing old time wooden video games.  One game is a Civil War themed game, whereby the players must get their musket ready to fire at their opponent.  Here The South played by Master Shake has won the battle against a less than awake Frylock.  The game has basic Atari like graphics flags of the North and the South.

The Hunger force visits the past and a 'Spring Break' banner can be seen in an alien dorm room.  It features an island with a single tree and a purple martini by the hoist and a full beer mug by the fly.  In the 'compartment' it is written 'Koppa Phil.'

In the introductory animation it features Master Shake as the Pharaoh with one of the most ancient of vexillological items - the crook staff. 

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