Sunday, July 14, 2013

25th High School Reunion Flags from Peggy Sue Got Married 1986

 Is time travel possible?  Or is time just a construct of the mind?

No matter in 1986, America was given a wonderful trip back to the 1960s.  But not the sixties that of the "Free Love and New Grooves" but the sixties that were still governed by Eisenhower, before Hawaii and Alaska were made grade A America.

 Several vexilloloids appear in the movie, one of the most unique and perhaps the most famous of all 'Cake Pennant' vexilloids is the 25th Class Reunion Cross Cake Flag.  This is one of the rare short lived vexilloids that you can eat!
The cake vexilloids appears as an offering to the King and Queen of the 25th High School Reunion.  The colours of the school are used in the cake flag design - grey and yellow.   The Yellow Cake Pennant Flags reads "25 YEAR REUNION" and the other White Cake Pennant has "BUCHANAN HIGH SCHOOL" in gray written upon it.

Another amazing vexilloid is the welcome banner at the high school entrance that uses lights to highlight the numbers.

Here in between Helen Hunt and Kathleen Turner is a regular pennant announcing the 1960 25th Class Reunion of Buchanan High, California.  If you forgot the High school is named after President Buchanan from Pennsylvania.

 Things hardly every work out as planed.  Here Peggy Sue Got Married dives into all that high school spin of regret and dismisses it with a message of hope.

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