Tuesday, June 25, 2013

True Colors Vexilloids - Cyndi, Phil & Kodak

 The True Colors song was originally written by William Steinberg and Tom Kelly, but the theme became famous under the guidance of Cyndi Lauper, Kodak, and Phil Collins.  All three entities and the original songwriters have gained abundantly.

Several vexilloids appear in the three versions of the song.  First in Cyndi Lauper's version the tassel on the elderly professor qualifies as vexilloids.  Every high school graduate knows of this badge of academic brilliance.

 During the building of the sand castles little flag poles made out of sticks are inserted on the tops, and invisible flags are to be imagined flying.

 In Phil Collin's rendition of True Colors white kites flying up top above the 'devil' boy have decorative white streamers.
 Finally probably the most known flags-vexilloids associated with this song, stem from the 1980s classic Kodak commercials.  In one version there were made in honor of Olympic Pride.

The flag of rhythmic gymnast is beautifully portrayed in the background.  She is holding a long colourful rainbow streamer flag.

The most flaggy of the vexilloids to appear in a Kodak True Colors Commercial appear during the scene of the little girl by the beach with "Rainbow School" Flag that has a blue background and free style rainbow upon it.

All that's missing now is children's book!

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