Sunday, June 23, 2013

North Carolina Flag in the moive Nell 1994

Nell 1994 was a real life version of Edward Scissor Hands.  Starring Jodie Foster as a virginal backwoods woman whom grew up isolated from society in the pristine hills of North Carolina. 

She is challenged by the approaching money hungry press of the modern world and egghead scientific community, that want to study her like some kind of E.T.

Nell asks us to take a look in the mirror and ponder our own realities and biases of the moment.  Since it takes place in North Carolina, we gets to see the North Carolina flag flying high in the sky just below the US flag the local courthouse. 

Some of y'all may recgonzie that the ol'North Carolina flag strikes a similar fancy to the state flag of Texas?  Again this aint no accident in my estimation, it is the footprint of whatcha' one calls 'Providence.'  All these things be happinin for good reason, and sometimes you are not supposed to know how but just feel it, your thoughts be doing a no good at many time.

But didja' ever wonder what English sounds like to a Chinese Person who never heard a lick of English?  It's hard to fathom, but I reckin' Miss Nells be a speaking is maybe kinda' like that? 

If you wants to see a movie that'll make you think, or rathers feels of the beaten path and are tired of the craptauclar big budget fireworks cartoon Hollywods movies, check this one out - and go outside for God's Sake!

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