Sunday, June 30, 2013

Harvey Birdman Lawyer Flags

 Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law is comedic reboot of a 1960s cartoon superhero - Birdman.  In this adult oriented cartoon Birdman is a lawyer whose court cases deal with certain social issues cast with wild off the wall humor.

The show often takes modern hot button political and legal issues and sugar coats them with humorous outtakes without the extreme vulgarity of modern cartoon or being too upfront.  It is often the case that hot button topics not directly talked about, rather many of the jokes are to be read in between the lines. Also the tempo of jokes flies at the viewer at light speed.

In the original courtroom the flag of the United States is clearly visible but there is another flag whose identity is not clearly identifiable.

The mystery flag is most likely the state flag, but no state in the union uses such colors in such a pattern of yellow and blue. 

 The yellow and blue striped Harvey Birdman State colours can be seen in the background.  The unknown state flag seems to vary in the number of stripes? 
Here Harvey Birdman is holding the American Flag.  He is trying to find an outlet of where a certain robotic device is plugged into. 

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