Saturday, June 22, 2013

Haiti Flag in the 'Dollar Bill' Song - Sweetest Girl 2007

 In the video for the song Sweetest Girl 2007 by Haitian American rapper Wyclef Jean. The flag of Haiti appears several times.  In the background of a tent and worn on Wyclef Jean's head as a bandana.  The song also features vocals from Niia and Akon, as well as rapper Lil Wayne.

 Notice the Haitian Flag along the far wall of the tent.  The song is a virtual film within a song.  It touches on the themes of greed, pride, and rule of law.

The things people will do for money - kill, fight, and sell their bodies and souls.  When people live so good and making a living is so hard, not so friendly cultures can emerge in the wake of such avarice.

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