Friday, June 7, 2013

Flag for Gemini the Twins

The flag for Gemini the Twins uses the colours yellow and white, with the symbol in black.  The white stripes also echo a notion of the twinning phenomena found in nature and science. Gemini is an air sign whose modern elemental is a union of 80 united protons - whose unique configuration causes metal to run like water.

The Gemini Flag is predominantly yellow, since yellow is the middle color in between red and blue, of the rainbow.  Gemini's are associated the ambiguous middle.

Does a Siamese Twin with two heads have two souls in one body, or one soul expressed though two bodies, or two souls with two bodies merging?  If this Siamese Twin is has one body then if she has a child does the child have one mother or two?Ambiguous indeed.

An interesting fact is that several of the US Gemini Astronauts were coincidentally also born under Gemini - David S. Scott, James McDivitt, and Pete Conrad.

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