Saturday, June 29, 2013

DS9ers Baseball Pennant - Star Trek Deep Space 9

The baseball pennant of the Deep Space Niners appears during one of the episodes of Deep Space Nine.  The commanding officer of the space station Deep Space Nine is Benjamin Sisko, played by Avery Brooks.  In an old college-colleague rivalry Sisko takes up the challenge of playing the logical Vulcans on the virtual Holi-deck, which is basically like a walk in 3D holographic video game.

The pennant of the Niners has a blue blackground with the logo of the team - which is a baseball with a red outline of the space station.  Although the space station is not of human design it has been adopted by Captain Sisko.  The Niners team is made up of mostly humans but the team also includes a Klingon, Ferengi, Trill and two Bejorans. 
Sisko is able to recruit ball players from Deep Space Nine to play baseball against the ruthlessly logical Vulcans.

 Score board of the Deep Space Niners home filed.  It looks like the Niners will not win this one, nonetheless they are are able to celebrate the small victories against the Vulcan Logicians team.
 When Jake is on the pitching mound the flag of the Federation can be seen in the background.  The flag of the United Federation of Planets consists of a blue background with the logo of the Federation.  By current vexillological standards it is a 'bad flag' or 'S.O.B.'  But since I go against the grain of most vexillologists, in my estimation it is fine and fantastic flag.

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