Friday, June 21, 2013

Astrological Royal XII - West meets East Pisces and the Rat

The last sign of the Western Zodiac makes a harmonious whole is the first sign of the Eastern Zodiac - the Rat and the Fish, or rather the Rodent and Twin Fish, Pisces.  They mark the beginning and ending of both cycles.

The rodent, in this case a squirrel, is an ancient organism as ancient as the fish.  The spirit line, or genetic line of the squirrel has been around since the age of fishes during the Divonean period some 420 million years ago.  Although the body form of the rat or squirrel was nowhere to be found, an element of their being was one in one with the fish.  Indeed all fish today from sharks, to sunfish, to minnows like the squirrel have a great great great......great grandfather and grandmother who was swimming in the oceans back then.

However the squirrel spirit line has chosen to leave the waters and hold on to its cunning and playfulness, refusing to become a slave to others, while the twin fish are in essence the Western Version of Yin and Yang or rather - boy fish and girl fish.

Pisces Royals include: former South African Leader F. W. De KlerkBilly Crystal, Elaine Paige, Adam Clayton of the band U2, Shaquille O'Neal, Xing Huina, and a woman who lives up to the name Pisces Royal Ye Shiwen.

A living Pisces Royal, who is also an official Royal, is Crown Prince, Naruhito who is in line to become the next Emperor of Japan.  But of course, the most famous of all Pisces Royals to ever climb a tree or swim in the water was none other than the first President of the United States of America: George Washington.

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