Thursday, June 20, 2013

Astrological Royal XI - East meets West Libra and the Dragon

The Zodiac is an ancient custom perpetuated from long ago, and alive in its own form as serious and lighthearted business.  No matter how much the modern world tires to overlook its significance, it has been a constant force through the ages.  There are two primary Zodiacs alive in the human consciousness - one from the East and one from the West.  Both Zodiacs uses 12 totems to represent their divisions.

It is such that every person has two Zodiacs: one from the East and one from the West, but every so often there is a harmonious alignment whereby the signs match in a special partnership and create an Astrological Royal.  The East-West high harmony partner for Libra is with the Year of the Dragon.

Libra and the Year of the Dragon are the two emblems that are rather distinguished from the others.  In the Eastern Zodiac the regular animals often found on the farm or nearby jungle are included, except for the mystical Dragon.  Likewise in the Western Zodiac the signs are all alive: as either people, animals, or mythical beasts.  However Libra the Balance stands a part as a non-living totem, in a parallel rhythm so to does the semi-mythical Dragon does with the Eastern Zodiac.

Libra is the hallmark of Western thought that represents mathematical precision, science and technology.  While the Dragon is another point of power for the Eastern Mind, and represents the invisible intuitive mind.  Libra represents the rational mathematically measurable reality all around us, from computers, money, temperature, and numbers.  On the other hand the Dragon represents the irrational passionate feeling side of reality all around us, and not just within us.  The mystical immeasurable forces are the essence of the Dragon.  Dragons exist but come from a different reality in the immeasurable realm of mind, in the end no one will ever be able to measure the Dragon, but rather only feel its essence.  

Here is a short list of famous persons born as a Libra Royal with a natural inclination for both the passionate intuitive Eastern Dragon Spirit, nicely balanced with the technologically precise balanced calibration of being: former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, writer Elie Wiesel, Chinese leaders Li Peng and Zhu Rongji, Russian leader Vladimir Putin, Beverley Johnson , Clive Barker, actor Jeff Goldblum, writer sitcom creator Chuck Lorre, actress and comedienne Janeane Garofalo, Phish front man Trey Anastasio, singer Chang Chen, actress and singer Yoon Son-ha, actor Ryan Reynolds, rapper ASAP Rocky, model Ragasya, basketball player Kevin Durant, and singer Frankie Jonas.

Perhaps the most powerful leader, singer, and thinker of the modern world, born a Libra Royal, who was a leading voice of the Western Cultural Revolution - front man of the Beatles: John Lennon.

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  1. Bruce Lee was also a Libra Royal, or rather a Dragon Royal, since he was born in the USA on November 27, 1940.