Monday, June 17, 2013

Astrological Royal VIII - East meets West Aquarius & the Dog

The Water Bearer, Aquarius, is partnered with the Dog as an Astrological Royal.  The association between Aquarius and The Year of the Dog may not seem so obvious, but they have some common elements.  One is master to man, while the other is master to the King.  The Kings cup bearer must be a loyal subject since he gives the live sustaining element of water and has the ability to assassinate the King.  Likewise the Cup Bearer is the most loyal of servants to the royals.  

Aquarius Royals are hard to come by since the Chinese New Year overlaps at different times during the sign of Aquarius.  Currently the most famous Aquariuses Royal are talking head Keith Olbermann, actress Linda Blair, actor Blake Clarke, Chinese Writer Lao She, singer Adam Lambert, comedian Dick Martin, NBA Star Jameer Nelson, rapper Gorilla Zoe. The man from the 'Loyal Half of Virginia' who broke the sound barrier Chuck Yeager.

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