Sunday, June 16, 2013

Astrological Royal VII - Cancer and the Rooster

As the cultures of the East and West merge, many have become aware that there are two dominant Zodiac Scales that the people love to follow and talk about.  Many of the younger Zodiacs simply copy the format of the Western Zodiac and substitute different animals and beings.  However the Eastern Zodiac from China and the Western Zodiac from Rome are by far more ancient and established.  Moreover they are calibrated to different cycles allowing one two have two zodiac elements without competing for the same space.

But for every sign there is a special high harmony when the Chinese and Roman Zodiacs are in conjunction - and this is an Astrological Royal.  The Astrological Royal partner for Cancer is the Rooster.  Thus the next Year of the Rooster during late June and early July of 2017 will welcome the next generation of Cancer Royals. 

Cancer is represented by the Full Moon, while the Rooster is represented the Rinsing Sun.  It is a balance of Yin and Yang, or rather East to West.  Both the crab and rooster are unbelievably beautiful animals from distant shores.  Although the crab can swim it chooses to live on the earth and walk, likewise its long lost avian cousin can also fly but prefers to walk on the earth.

Biologically both come from eggs and develop from opposite ends - uniting the divide between 'First Mouth Animals' and 'Second Mouth Animals.'  Basically the animal kingdom can be broken into two main tribes - ones that form skeletons on the outside 'First Mouthers' and animals that form skeletons on the inside 'Second Mouthers.'  Although our bodies and genetic lines may have shifted - note that a living species 'spirit line' is exactly the same age.

The familial line of the chicken, crab, and human has been around since the age of dinosaurs.  Although the number of generations may be different and the biological form as it is now has shifted - if a species is still alive it's spirit line is as old as the Cosmos.  Rather the spirit line of the Dodo, Woolly Mammoth, and Passenger Pigeon has ended.

Cancer Royals have domain over air, land, and water, sort of like an aircraft carrier. They are protected by an enormous defense perimeter.  And they have the power strike far and away. 

For the record, famous Cancer Royals of our time are: Li Xiannian, Nancy Reagan, and John Glenn,  the triplet baby boomer singers - Kim Carnes, Blondie, and Carly Simon, Top Gun's Star Kelly McGillis, political peace activist Cindy Sheenan, David Tao from Taiwan, Hockey Star John LeClair,  rising stars of Ariana Grande and Pierre Louise Edwards.

Finally an official Royal who also happens to be a Cancer Royal is the Princess Alexia Juliana Marcela Laurentien - Princess Orange-Nassau. 

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