Friday, June 14, 2013

Astrological Royal V - East meets West The Ram and the Sheep

 Aries Royal?  What in the world is that!?  How does Aries become 'Royal.'  And Why?

There are two main Zodiacs known to the people of Earth.  One originates in the East in China and the other originates in the West with Rome.  Luckily they are calibrated differently so that each person can have two 'Zodiac Signs' - a Western and Eastern.  But every so often the signs match in high harmony.  Other examples include the Tiger-Leo, Ox-Taurus, and Horse-Sagittarius.  Each sign has special partner that makes greater than the others great harmony - and this is an Astrological Royal

Thus the high harmony partner of Aries is the Sheep.  Thus Aries the Ram from the Western Zodiac matches with excellence to the Year of the Sheep from the Eastern Zodiac.* 

Famous Aries Royals include: Heath Ledger, Clare Danes, Moses Malone, Brittany Spears' little sister Jamie Spears, and Kourtney Kardasian. Perhaps the most famous Aries Royals are 'Kirk' and 'Spock' aka Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner.

* But a little more later on the sheep-vs-goat dichotomy.

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