Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Astrological Royal IX - East meets West Virgo and the Rabbit

The feminine essence of Virgo the Virgin is reflected in the Year of the Rabbit.  Thus when it is the Year of the Rabbit and a person is born a Virgo, she or he is an Astrological Royal.  The rabbit is a symbol of fertile abundance with a feminine temperament. Soft and docile like the persons who are Virgins to experience.

Virgins represent the purity of innocence, like a baby or gentle rabbit.  Ignorant of the harsh truths that may await a persons path, the path of the Virgin and rabbit is usually non-agressive. Out of all the wild animals in a forest, the rabbit maintains its dignity and spirit to run free - no horns, no claws, no rabid teeth, nor any loud barking noises or roars.  The peaceful and docile rabbit is a good match for the non-jaded uncorrupted innocent Virgin.

Likewise Virgo usually holds a grain in her hand - may it be wheat, barley, rice, or corn, it is a symbol of abundance, likewise the rabbit is a signal of abundance and positive directions.

Virgo Royals include: movie star Lily Tomlin, star from East  Michael Tao, rapper Easy-E, baseball player Randy Johnson, Richard Marx, Peter Ho, Liu Yifei, actress Evan Rachel Wood, rapper Wiz Kalifah, Tyler Hoechlin, actress Danielle Panabaker

A real official royal who also happens to be a Virgo Royal is Prince Nikolai of Denmark.

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