Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Astrological Royal II - East meets West Leo and the Tiger

 The Year of the Tiger and Sign of Leo match harmoniously.  Every 12 years during the year of the Tiger a special alignment between Eastern and Western Zodiacs occurs, when they are in conjunction.  In this case the Tiger matches with Leo - making it an Astrological Royal.

Amazingly cross bred tigers and lions do exist.  Tiglons or Ligers are real animals, almost like something out of mythology, and mostly a product of mans tinkering.   The Leo Royal has traits of Leo and Tiger wrapped up into one. 

Famous Leo-Tigers or Leo Royals include: Peter Jennings, Tony Bennet, and Kenny Rogers Wesley Snipes, Steve Carell, Fidel Castro, Jiang Zemin, Hillary Swank, Patrick Ewing, Roger Clemens, and Princess Anne.

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