Saturday, June 15, 2013

Astrological Royal VI - East meets Wests Gemini & the Monkey

It is obvious to some that there is a peculiar alignment with the Eastern and Western Zodiac.  It is obvious for a few signs like Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio.  Since they harmoniously match with the Tiger, Ox, and Snake respectively. But the other half of the Zodiac is not so apparent.  Otherwise more people would have noticed by now. 

Gemini's East-West Astrological partner is with the Year of the Monkey.  So what this means on average one out of every twelve Geminis become an Astrological Royal when they are born during the Year of the Monkey.

So why does the Monkey make great Astrological harmony with Gemini?  Twins and monkeys are special.  Out of all the animal kingdoms in the world there is one so close - the Monkey Kingdom. Think about it, we humans like to put labels on things and out of all the known animals which is most like man?  Or rather which animal is man most like?  

The monkey has one foot in the kingdom of man and one foot in the animal kingdom.   It wants to be like man, but yet the monkey is free to be wild like the other animals. 

On the other hand twins are quasi-magical beings.  Their form hints at a higher order of spiritual things.  Twins often have a psychic or uncanny connection with each other.  On top of that Siamese Twins have an even more magical tone since they have two spirits in one body. 

Twins and the manlike animals offer us unique glimpses into the higher dimensions of nature.  The universe is a strange place and out of all the animals and types of people to walk this earth - monkeys and twins can make us pause and ponder about our place in the order of the Universe.

Of famous now living Gemini Royals - in the NBA we have Udonis Haslem and Harrison Barnes. Other famous Gemini Royals include Kate Upton, Val Valentino, Doug Mackenzie, and Rob Zabrecky.  The great soulfully singing Gemini Royals Twins include Patti Labelle and Gladys Knight.  And you can also add Latoya Jackon to the list.

By cosmic coincidence a Gemini Royal was a part of the US Gemini Space Program - David Scott - who was born a Gemini and during the Year of the Monkey.  David Scott was the astronaut who performed the most famous experiment, thought up by Galileo, with the falling feather and hammer experiment. Finally the original creator of James Bond - Ian Fleming is also a Gemini Royal.


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