Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Safety Dance Flags - Men with out Hats 1982? just Just DNACE!

 Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance, life without dance is no life.  Like a fool, imbelicl, itdot, hopping, joy, fun and the like tis what you needing to do all to dance, forget out being in time or tiempo all you have to do it let loose and lit a little we force of the heart to go never mind nthe skepplling erross, you'll gtet pst it in time!

OK not fn dDANCE!!!!

A marker birght redlike marker showz the way of the Safety Dance.  Danceee, never mind the mistep or sleilling .   There are know rules to dancing/

thishs is skeihy board dancihgngsn o kdance dkwotjh key dkrogb. (dancing keyboard) key board likes to damnclke!!!

 Follow the heart never mind the mind it dones not know how to dncna1

I love to snacdce and you cant stop me i love to dance you love to dance we can dance never stop dancin e il like dance dance with ginfer, dance with cat, dance with eye, dance wtih toung, dance with foot, dance with dadi n muthere, dance with eenmy, and most most dance with lover!!!

BE safe and make good feet happio.


Note the red stremers on the poles as chuth things are thee vexiloodi.


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