Monday, May 13, 2013

Flags in Julia Juila 2009 Movie

BLOGGING?  Putting your thoughts out there?  You aint seen nuthin yet!

Several flags appear in the film Julia Julia 2009 written and directed by Nora Ephron.  The story centers on a young thirty something who pioneers blogging with therapy.

All writers and rabid readers know of that transcendent space that books open up.  This movie hints at the amazing writing space of the Internet that brings this transcendency to new levels joy.  This movie is like a real life Back to the Future but for cooking and blogging in America.

Julia Powell is the heroine of the story who finds comfort and release in cooking.  Julia become enchanted with Julia Child and mixes blogging with cooking into a personal challenge, that leads to her fame.  She was onto the Super Size Me mantra before Super Size Me. Eventually she is able to revive interest of American cooking icon, Julia Child, and finds the inner light to success at the backdrop of the NYC World Trade Center tragedy of 9/11.

Here Julia Powell allows the inner passion to rule her heart and life.  In this scene she dresses up like Julia Child for her birthday.  The name badges are recycled in this scene.  If you have enough passion, enthusiasm, and the right frame of mind - anything is possible. Make believe is not just for kids, the people who get really good at 'make believe' become movie stars!

The flag of France appears during the French-US embassy party.  Here Julia Child learns to ham it up to get what she wants when she is confronted with national prejudice from a French Cooking instructor.

The 1950s were a conservative time for America and more in many ways for Europe as well.  Nonetheless Julia challenged herself to become something more and enhanced the way Americans prepare and appreciate food.    
The movie touches on political issues, challenges of the starving artist, and acts as a cheerleader for all dreamers - exuding the mantra of never giving up hope. It also gives credit to the unsung heroes and husbands who support their other halves.

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