Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Flag of Silesia - A future nation in Europe in the 21st Century?

Silesia is historically a region in between Poland and the former Czechoslovakia.  Many Silesians count themselves as a separate ethnic and are officially the largest minority in Poland.  A few have even called for independence or at least autonomy.  Maybe in our lifetime Silesia will join the ranks as a new nation in Europe?

Of vexillological importance is the 'Silesian Flag,' more than just a regional flag it is regarded in some manner as a national aspirant flag.  The flag is divided in the middle horizontally with yellow up top and blue on the bottom.  In the center is a coat of arms, it bears a striking resemblance to the Ukrainian Flag, or rather the Ukranian Flag looks like the Silesian "Nationalist" Flag.

For the past five years in July Silesian patriots in Katowice, Poland march for more autonomy.  Additionally it is sometimes accompanied by a quasi-Rebel American-like-Silesian flag that has a Confederate Flag design but uses Silesian colours.

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