Friday, May 3, 2013

Flag of Ryan Island: The Largest Island in an Island - Isliglit - of the USA

What do you call an island on an island?  An Isliglit?  Who knows for sure?  Perhaps it can be added to the Sniglet Dictionary?

Ryan Island is one of those peculiar kind of islands.  Ryan Island is located in Siskiwit Lake, and Siskiwit lake is located on Isle Royale Island, and Isle Royale National Park Island is located in Lake Superior, which is located in North America.  Thus Ryan Island is an island on an island.  In fact it is America's largest 'Isliglit.'

The flag of Ryan Island is suppose to convey this inner inner point of view.  The central yellow circle is Ryan Island, which is surrounded by blue square which represents Siskiwit Lake, which is surrounded by larger red circle that represents Isle Royal National Park Island, which is surrounded by a blue rectangle that represents Lake Superior, which is framed in a white rectangle that represents the America, finally the blue frame represents the oceans that surround America.

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