Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Flags in Starship Troopers 1997

 Starship Troopers 1997 is a sci-fi allegory on war.  It is set in the distant future where mankind is fighting an alien bug civilization.  Although the director tired to make an anti-war film, it almost by accident glorifies military service.

Oddly in many ways this film would coincidentally predict the wars in the Middle East, especially in the Second Iraqi War. 

The flag of the Earth's Military uses the colors green, blue, and white and has a white eagle on the blue circle.

Here, capture the flag as it is now an important military strategy game.  In this version a blue team competes against a red team in traditional CRIPS-vs-BLOODS fashion.

In many ways bugs are the opposite, biologically speaking species of humans.  Basically there are two major factions competing for survival on planet Earth.  Creatures that form mouth first (mostly bugs and their like) and creatures that form anus first (mostly vertebrates like us with a backbone).  Such a dynamic shows that there is a non-natural random element in evolution.  Because only creatures with backbones form butt-hole first like ourselves, while the earthlings with outside-exoskeletons only have mouth first organisms. 

In other words, if Nature were truly random, you'd think a few butt-first embryonic animals with exoskeletons would have evolved, just as there would have been a few mouth first organisms with backbones?  This phenomena gives evidence to the idea that the evolutionary process is not necessarily so random. (You really have to be a biologist to understand what I'm talking about) There are a few exceptions but because of a so called random effect of evolution, there should be more diversity. 

 The flag of the Mobile Infantry has the same pattern of the general military but uses different colours - red, yellow, white, and black. Also the name of the Mobile Infantry is shown.

The Mobile Infantry flag in the in background of the co-ed barracks.

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