Friday, May 17, 2013

Dream Police Badge - Cheap Trick 1979

The Dream Police originate out of Illinois from a musical ensemble known as Cheap Trick.  Dreaming is serious business that no market has been able to control or dominate.  Luckily the dream dimension is out of control of human hands.

Although in the waking world most humans put more value on commercials than their own dreams, someday the balance will shift back - to when dreams will be more important that commercials at least in the Western World. 

The badge of the dream police is black and in the center is a white star.

Dream Police?  Maybe not now, but surely some day? In the early days of the music video artists made extra efforts to give the song another dimension, to an almost cinematic quality of life with dialogue and plot mixed with the traditional media of jamming and focus on the me making the noise.

A somewhat timeless song underlined with a subtle orchestra.  The Dream Police live on inside of our heads, or at least some of us.

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