Saturday, April 27, 2013

Flags in Ghostbusters 1984 - New York City Flag and US Flag

 The US and New York City flag appear in Ghostbusters 1984 several times. They appear together when the Ghostbusters are escorted to the mayors office. On the left side is the US flag and the right side is a larger New York City flag. The NYC flag is vertical tri-bar of blue, white, and orange with the city seal in the center. The colours originate from the old Dutch flag.
 Once in the mayor's office an American Eagle cut out and the New York City flag is visible behind the mayor's desk.
Several US flags can be seen in the background when Sub-way Specter appears out of the walkway.

When Dr. Venkman visits Dana at her orchestra practice hall, the US flag is visible at half mast in the background.

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