Monday, April 22, 2013

Battle Flags from Princess Mononoke 1997

 Happy Earth Day!

 The enchanted animals of a sacred forest are tired of humans cutting down their homes and destroying their lands for their stupid wars.  However not all humans desire to dominate nature, but the animals can not tell the difference between a kind natural human and war mongering money hungry human.  This is the basic plot to Princess Mononoke 1997.

The waring humans have been pushed to the edge decided to take the natural resources from the enchanted forest.  But the waring humans are not all bad, the leader is a kind queen to her people who has taken in lost people of the city under her care. 

Long before James Cameroon's Avatar, this film addressed the balance between mother nature and man's war ego.

The varied symbols indicate who is who on the battlefield. 

Long rectangular flags that were attached to the warriors back were used a point markers.

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