Sunday, April 28, 2013

American Mediterranean Sea Flag

When you combine the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea this body of water is known as the 'American Mediterranean Sea.'  The flag of the American-Mediterranean Sea uses red, indigo, purple, white, and yellow.  The upper red portion represents North America and gets a star since it is an official continent.  The lower indigo portion represents South American and also gets a star since it is an official continent.  The purple section by the fly represents Central America, but it is not a continent.  Perhaps it falls into the category of 'Sub-Continent' like Greenland or India.  Finally the yellow divide represents the islands in the American-Mediterranean Sea.

The stars echo the celestial division of the Northern and Southern Heavens through the constellation of Orion.  The brightest star of Orion - Betelgeuse - is a red super giant in the northern divide of cosmos, while its second brightest star - Rigel - is a hot blue star in the southern divide of the Cosmos. 

The Americas/New World may not be as large as the Old Word - with regard to literacy.  But the Americas has a longer north-south continental axis, than the Old World, from Alaska to Argentina.  In balance to that the Old World has a longer east-west continental axis - from Senegal to Chukotka. 

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