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Flags in Romancing the Stone - 1984

 Romancing the Stone 1984 is a classic American romance action comedy.  In it several flags appear during the celebratory scene at the city center.

Danny DeVito plays as one of the plotters chasing down a precious stone as marked on a hidden map.
Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner dance away the night, eventhough a life and death struggle is at their foot.  They just happen to come across a small town celebration in Colombia.

This dancing scene is a rare element of cinematic gold.  It captures a natural timeless harmony that happens every so often in film.

 The Colombian flag makes several appearances in this movie.  Here a model boat with the national flag passes behind the hero - Jack Colton.
This film is a work of art that is a mixture Indiana Jones meets Crocodile Dundee, yet with an overall American theme painted with Colombian textures, and small sprinkles of Goonies and Forrest Gump magic.

American Mediterranean Sea Flag

When you combine the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea this body of water is known as the 'American Mediterranean Sea.'  The flag of the American-Mediterranean Sea uses red, indigo, purple, white, and yellow.  The upper red portion represents North America and gets a star since it is an official continent.  The lower indigo portion represents South American and also gets a star since it is an official continent.  The purple section by the fly represents Central America, but it is not a continent.  Perhaps it falls into the category of 'Sub-Continent' like Greenland or India.  Finally the yellow divide represents the islands in the American-Mediterranean Sea.

The stars echo the celestial division of the Northern and Southern Heavens through the constellation of Orion.  The brightest star of Orion - Betelgeuse - is a red super giant in the northern divide of cosmos, while its second brightest star - Rigel - is a hot blue star in the southern divide of the Cosmos. 

The Americas/New World may not be as large as the Old Word - with regard to literacy.  But the Americas has a longer north-south continental axis, than the Old World, from Alaska to Argentina.  In balance to that the Old World has a longer east-west continental axis - from Senegal to Chukotka. 

Hudson Bay Flag

The Hudson Bay Flag is composed the English Red Cross but with quarters two, three, and four coloured navy blue.  The canton is white but with a blue Canadian Leaf. This is a private bay for Canada only. It is the virtual opposite of the Gulf of Mexico.

Not to be confused with the Hudson Bay Corporation, this flag is for the body of water that composes the Hudson Bay.  Navy blue represents the water while white - the ice flows of this area.  The red cross indicates it was first documented by the English.  The blue maple leaf should be obvious, as to why it is there...duh.  

You could call Hudson the Gulf of Quebec?  Likewise the Gulf of Mexico can also be though of as Dixie Bay?

Gulf of Mexico Flag

The colours for the Gulf of Mexico flag originate from the Mexican Flag.  However the national seal of Mexico is missing since the Gulf of Mexico is also a part of the United States and Cuba.

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Flags in Ghostbusters 1984 - New York City Flag and US Flag

 The US and New York City flag appear in Ghostbusters 1984 several times. They appear together when the Ghostbusters are escorted to the mayors office. On the left side is the US flag and the right side is a larger New York City flag. The NYC flag is vertical tri-bar of blue, white, and orange with the city seal in the center. The colours originate from the old Dutch flag.
 Once in the mayor's office an American Eagle cut out and the New York City flag is visible behind the mayor's desk.
Several US flags can be seen in the background when Sub-way Specter appears out of the walkway.

When Dr. Venkman visits Dana at her orchestra practice hall, the US flag is visible at half mast in the background.

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Flags in the Hunger Games - 2012

 Several flags appear in the Hunger Games movie 2012.  The flag of the government features a maroon banner with a golden emblem of national bird. Two children from each district are 'drafted' to represent the area in a death match.
 Upon the city entrance, long banners of the government can be seen.
The emblem of the Hunger Games Bird with wings spread out.

The inner chamber were the new inductees are introduced, notice the long federal government flags hanging from the ceiling.

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Flag of Lake Khanka

Lake Khanka is one of the largest lakes in lakes in the world shared between Russia and China along their eastern border.  It's in that odd overlap where China is north of Russia and Russia is south of China.  Since it is a shared lake between the West and the East its flag reflects this by having an eclipsing sun.  The yellow crescent represents the sun, the white crescent represents the moon, while the black middle part represents the overlap.  Four stars are visible in honor of night cast upon day which is also an echo of the Chinese national flag.  The wavy lines represent the lake.

International Maritime Flag for the Number Seventy Three - #73

A flag for the number seventy three.  Why? See the video below. It is such a wonderful number it deserves a flag.

International Maritime Nautical Flags 0-9

Did you know that there are flags for numbers?  Here are then numbers 0 to 9 which are officially used in international waters.

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Battle Flags from Princess Mononoke 1997

 Happy Earth Day!

 The enchanted animals of a sacred forest are tired of humans cutting down their homes and destroying their lands for their stupid wars.  However not all humans desire to dominate nature, but the animals can not tell the difference between a kind natural human and war mongering money hungry human.  This is the basic plot to Princess Mononoke 1997.

The waring humans have been pushed to the edge decided to take the natural resources from the enchanted forest.  But the waring humans are not all bad, the leader is a kind queen to her people who has taken in lost people of the city under her care. 

Long before James Cameroon's Avatar, this film addressed the balance between mother nature and man's war ego.

The varied symbols indicate who is who on the battlefield. 

Long rectangular flags that were attached to the warriors back were used a point markers.

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Flags in Cheech and Chong Still Smokin -1983

 It was thirty years ago when Cheech and Chong lit up the screens with another fantastic journey to Europe.  In the movie Still Smokin 1983 Cheech and Chong travel to Europe to enjoy the high life of Dutch culture. 

 Cheech and Chong board what looks like a cannabis restaurant on the on the river.  The flags of the United States and Denmark can be seen.
A strange white flag with something written on it is flying at one of the ends.  It has a Japanese Hiragana feel to it but yet seems to be a language of its own.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Flags in Cheech and Chongs Next Movie 1980

 The California State flag makes a small cameo in Cheech and Chong's Next Movie 1980

After visiting the Los Angeles Department of Public Social Welfare the state flag of California can be seen hanging in the office.
A US flag is barely noticeable on the wall.  It is part of a sticker with a checker flag. 

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Digitized Flags from the Matrix Reloaded - 2003

 Flags appear during the fight scene with the Merovingian's goons in the middle act of the Matrix Trilogy - The Matrix Reloaded 2003.

The flags all use the same palette or olive green, dark red, gold and white.

 One flag is a Scandinavian Type.

 A checker Fluer de Lis flag, minus a red colour.

Flags from the Matrix Trilogy

 Flags appear during the middle installment of the Matrix Trilogy - The Matrix Reloaded 2003.  During the fight scene with the Merovingian battle flags can be seen hanging upon the walls of the staircase.

One set of flags consists of a golden fluer de lis on green.  One is a checkered flag of green and white while the other is a green cross in a similar fashion to a Scandinavian cross.
 The other set of flags has diagonal stripes and large cross upon it.
Notice the infinity signs all over the shield of arms. 

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Alphabet of Nations - They Might Be Giants 2005

 Several Flags appear in the official music video for the song Alphabet of Nations by They Might Be Giants.

Zimbabwe is the fun part of song, kind of like the five golden rings diddy in the 12 Days of Christmas.
Suriname is in South America and they speak Dutch.  Here a Surinamese girl accidentally holds up the flag upside down.
A little Norwegian girl smiles with little flags of Norway behind her.

Andalusia Virginia Tilt Flag

Andalusia is the most southern region of Spain that nearly touches Africa.  In fact most of this Spanish federal subject is aligned with Africa rather than to Europe, thus it deserves a Virginia Tilt flag.   

Interesting snychronicity is that after Islam expanded in spirit into Eastern Europe, by capturing the foundational City of Bible, Constantinople converted into a Islamic center and received her an Islamic name - Istanbul.  But a few years later the Islamic Nations in Western Europe were expelled - Al Anadlusia being one of them.   As Islam would gain a foothold in Eastern Europe, only a generation later to loose it Western Europe. 

The Siege of Grenada in 1492 by Christian forces on and Islamic City was cosmically balanced to the Siege of Constantinople in 1453 by Islamic forces on Christian City.

As the 15th Century saw the lights of Christian Constantinople go out, so to would Islamic lights of Cordoba be silenced into oblivion.  Just as the once great Christian Hagia Sophia became an Islamic Center, so to would the Grand Mosque of Cordoba convert into a Church.  

US Flag and PALOMINO Mission Patch: The Black Hole - 1979

 The US flag appears as an arm badge in Walt Disney's 1979 The Black Hole.  While captain Holland accidentally gets lost on his way back to the ship he stumbles across the crew uniforms of Star Ship US Cygnus

 The story begins with crew of the Palamino coming across a massive black hole and detecting American Ship US Cygnus.  Here ships mission patch can be seen on Captain Holland.  To his left is Dr. Kate McCrae and artificial intelligently robot - Vincent.

 The mission patch of the Palomino is black and yellow.  It features a horse in rampant with six seven pointed stars - three in front and three behind.

Komi's Trinity Flag

The Komi Republic a nation within Russia.  The Komi are kin to long lost cousins of the Estonians.  Very distant cousins but cousins nonetheless.  The Komi Republic is due north of Asia and Africa thus it qualifies for a Geographic Trinity Flag.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Flags in Shadows of the Night - Pat Benatar 1982

 In 1982 several Nazi and American Flags appear in Pat Benatar's video for the hit single Shadows of the Night.  It seems for better of worse Nazi flags will always be sought after, especially in Hollywood movies.

This video takes place in the secondary imagined reality.  It starts off with a machine worker - Pat Benatar - dreaming and or wondering about her mundane factory worker job. 
 Notice the US flag as she gets into the cockpit of the Midnight Angel.  The Midnight Angel that amazing stroke of luck or assistance that comes the stroke of midnight. 
The US flag can be seen at the mission briefing.

Positive or negative - every thought has a power of its own.  Here a mix of wonder with dash of American Patriotism stir the imagination of someone with a 'small' role to play. 

Antarctica Trinity Flag

Antarctica is lucky because it falls into all time zones and its always today, tomorrow, and yesterday. Antarctica is in the time zone of all nations yet no nation can fathom Antarctica's time zone. London, Paris, Islamabad, Tokyo, Chicago, Moscow, Vancouver, Beijing are all within Antarctica time zone. 

Likewise Antarctica is in the Western Hemisphere and Eastern Hemisphere.  It is due south and due north of Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Americas.  Nonetheless it deserves a Trinity Flag.