Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Care Bear Mast Head Pennant

The mast head pennant is usually flown from the tallest sail point of a war ship.  But in the Care Bear's 1985  movie, this special war ensign was made a new into a caring ensign.  Although the Care Bear's originate in the imaginations of America Care Bear's are a non-partisan elite corps of non commissioned caring spirits that help kids from all nations and of all religions.  Whenever kids are in trouble they send unlimited beams of caring energy for kids who need it the most.  

 The mast head pennant of the Care Bears is pink and swallow tailed.  However it has a triangular cut out along the hoist.

Close up of the Care Bear mast head with most of the original Care Bears in company.  Note the empty hole near the hoist repeats the swallowtail fly end. 

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