Thursday, February 14, 2013

Flag of the Pacific Princess - The Love Boat

 In honor of Valentines Day 2013, here is an appropriate flag - the flag of the Pacific Princess.

This is a one a once in a lifetime television series that magnificently harmonized up comedy, drama, romance, and action all into one.  Offering up insights, ups and downs on the human heart.  It was the proverbial 'Sea Trek' of the human heart.

Hangs ups on love, life were a main stay on the Love Boat.  A classic series that rode the wave of drama in waves of absurd sitcom humor balanced with serious heartfelt footnotes.

Much of the charm rested in a diverse crew balanced with a healthy infusion of new stars minor and major.

Flag of the Pacific Princess featured the stylized outline of woman's head blowing in the breeze.  The colours of the flag were white, green and blue.  The background was white and the head was blue as was most of the hair.  Small dashed of green accentuated the hair.

The Love Boat was flagged under a red British Ensign. 

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