Monday, January 21, 2013

The armed US State flags that feature guns

Guns in America?  Guns are as American as apple pie, baseball and the US flag.  And did you know that several state flags feature guns.  Amazingly the first state in the Union is armed with a long gun. Here are several state flags that 'invoke' the second amendment as a right to bear arms. 

 It all begins with the first state Delaware.  The county gentleman on the right wearing a green suit holds a long gun in his left hand.

 West Virginia also has guns on its flags.  It has the most with two guns crossed in the foreground with a smurf hat in the center.

Michigan follows in the tradition of Delaware via long gun.  We can see a frontiersman holding a gun in his left hand and waving to us with his right.  Although he as a gun, he certainly seems like a friendly fella.'

The state flag also depicts a gun.  However it is behind the farmer resting on a tree stump. The Native American does not hold a gun but rather a spear.

Finally Wyoming is the last state to have a gun, and it's a hand gun at that.  It's really hard to see.  The man on the left has the traditional cowboy holster, thus you can't see the barrel.  Also take notice sometimes that this gun sometimes does not appear on some versions of the seal, depending on who made it.

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