Sunday, January 20, 2013

Flags in Raising Arizona 1987

 Raising Arizona was a 'Dra-comedy' with original storytelling combined with talented acting. The state flag of Arizona appears several times.

Here Edwina, an officer of the law, meets her future husband, Hi the outlaw, at the police booking station.  In the background is the state flag of Arizona resting in a tie-draped croat manner.


The flag of Washington DC appears during the prison scene in a photo of JFK on the upper bunk.  Although this man had no name he was the initial essence origin of Bubba from Forrest Gump. 

Love is able to bring together two members on opposite poles of society - the law and outlaw.  In a similar notion to the genesis of Arizona was divided by the Union and Confederacy as a 'baby' when it was a territory.

Nicholas Cage is sitting here with a tattoo of Woody Wood Pecker.  Oddly this little mark would save his life.
Oddly a tattoo of Woody Wood Pecker helps saves Hi's life when he is confronted with the fury of vengeance.  The synchronicity of finding the exact tattoo on the bounty hunter gives Hi a moment of respite.  

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