Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pre-US Revolutionary Anglo-American Heritage Flag 1607-1776

A flag for the often forgotten era when British and American history were one, as it was whence the colonies were in a British-American Eden.  The beginning of American History was but one movement in the history of Britain.  However unlike the British Colonies of Africa and Asia, it was not a mere adoption of native peoples unto a King or Queen but rather the genesis of America lies squarely within the womb of England.

The flag of Anglo-American Heritage-History uses the original union flag between Scotland and England, minus St. Patrick's Cross, since the 13 colonies left the Empire before its addition.  Along the fly are thirteen stripes in honor of the 13 colonies.  In the field of blue is the constellaion of Cygnus the Swan or rather the 'Northern Cross.'

The ten eight pointed stars represent the ten royal sovereigns who were given dominion as spiritual guardians upon the colonies when they were unable to tie their own shoes.
It is good that America should not forget her past, when once upon a time she was allied to the forlorn nations of Prussia and the Iroquois.  

List of American Colonial Kings and Queens who guided the 13 Colonies before Independence (1607-1776)
1. King James I
2. King Charles I 
3. King Charles II
4. King James II
5 & 6. King William & Queen Mary
7.  Queen Anne I
8. King George I
9. King George II
10. King George III

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  1. This is a very creative flag! I was wondering at first what the stars meant (i was thinking is this some sort of union between Australia and British North America?), but I really like your concept of a "northern cross" - I hadn't heard that before. Nice job:-)