Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Flags in Time Bandits 1981

 Transcending time from 1981 is the childhood classic Time Bandits.  The recepie for this film is two cups of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, mixed with a quarter ounce of the Never Ending Story cream, lightly sprinkled with Harry Potter bitters and a wee dash of The Dark Crystal embers.

 This film is for children and encourages a wonder of history, religion, and the meaning of life.  It provokes young people to think about the past and connect it with the present.  It is a fusion of American Cinematics with British direction.

 Several flags and vexilloids appear in the film . Here a jousting knight has a lance pennon.

When the hero, Kevin, travels back to ancient times the rulers and high state officials are seen holding metallic vexilloids.

During the final conflict with evil, the cosmic tree keepers summon heroes from time to aid Kevin and keep the divine map out of evil's hand.  In this case, knights from the middle ages appear on horseback with flags make a peachy addition to the Army of Good.

In total five knights with five different banners are called by dwarfs to fight evil at the end.

Sean Connery stars in Time Bandits as a fireman in the present who rescues the boy, but ironically thousands of years ago young Kevin had saved Sean Connery when he was an ancient king. Notice the UK insignia-arms on the fireman's hat

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